Car Rider Procedures

Dismissal time is a particularly hectic part of a school day. It is also the time of day that is wide open to the possibility of problems with communications, accidents and/or abductions. To prevent problems with communications at dismissal time, we ask that a note be sent to the teacher of any child who will not be going home his usual way on the morning of the change. We also request that early sign-outs take place before 2:00 PM. Eliminating the need to conduct this business between 2:00 and 2:30 PM would assure a more orderly and safer dismissal.

Also, it is imperative that no one parks at the church across the street as they could be towed or in front teacher parking area to pick-up students. All parents need to drive up in an orderly fashion in line to provide a smooth dismissal. Only parents/guardians with special medical statements which are specific to the need will be considered for a handicapped car tag.

At registration parents will be given a hangtag which is designed to hang on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. One is provided, if you would like another, one can be purchased at a nominal fee. Please have it properly displayed every day as you pick up children. It saves valuable time in calling for students to report to their cars. The teachers are glad to take the time to be sure you have a hangtag, because they know what a difference it makes in the efficiency of the dismissal. If you have the option of timing your arrival at school to be 2:40 instead of 2:30 PM, please consider doing so. Doing this will shorten your wait time and keep traffic from backing so far down Monroe Street. Students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 2:30 PM. When all classes are out and students are seated, quiet, and attentive, the supervising teachers will begin the loading of vehicles and the movement of traffic.

At dismissal time, we ask that you comply with the following procedures:

  • Display your hangtag.

  • Pull through the school driveway at the direction of the supervising teachers and administrators.

  • Stop at the colored cone designated by the caller for your car. The children are trained to report to the colored cone called with their numbers. The colored cones will be placed in the same order each day.

  • Wait until all cars are loaded and the supervising teacher at the front of the line indicates you may pull out.

  • If your child(ren) do not report in a timely manner or if there is a problem, please pull through the line ahead and park your car in a visitor's spot when the line begins to move. Report to the supervisor at the crosswalk to get help in resolving your problem. Do not walk among the students. This creates confusion and distracts them from listening for their call.

  • Refrain from using cell phones as you pull into the school driveway. It is important that we all be totally focused on the job at hand and safety.

As one line of traffic pulls out, the caller will begin to call numbers for the next group to move in. When the dismissal line has cleared, the designated supervision teacher will bring the remaining students to the cafeteria and parents will need to come inside to get them.

Bus Information

For additional bus transportation please call the Pickens Area Bus Office at 878-8705.

Essential Rules for Bus Riders

  • Face the front of the bus 

  • Stay seated on your bottom while the school bus is moving 

  • Keep your hands, legs and voice to yourself (quiet voice)

 Consequences for Not Following the Rules

  • 1st offense – (Warning) Bus behavior form sent home to parents

  • 2nd offense - Student suspended from riding bus for one day

  • 3rd offense -  Student suspended from riding bus for three days and parent conference

  • 4th offense - Student suspended from riding bus for five days and parent conference

  • 5th offense - Student is removed from the bus for the rest of the current semester

Note: Student behavior that endangers the safety of others on the bus may result in an immediate suspension.