2020-21 Supply Lists

Supply Lists 20-21
Posted on 07/11/2020
Supply List 20-21

 1 Backpack that will fit a full size folder
 1 Pack of white copy paper
 12 pack of colored pencils
 1 Big, pink eraser
 1 pair of child safe scissors
 1 pencil box
 12 or 16 pack of Crayola crayons
 4 Pack of black EXPO markers
 1 Eraser for EXPO markers
 1 bag of candy or party favors
 1 container of hand sanitizer
 3 Jumbo ELMERS glue stick
 1 Can of Lysol spray 

Pencils with erasers (wooden Ticonderoga are best)
1 large eraser
Crayons (24 count)
Backpack (no rolling backpacks)
Scissors (fiskars-blunt end)
2 packs of Glue sticks
Plastic pencil box
Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Wipes

*Individual teachers may request additional items

1st Grade
24 Elmer’s glue sticks
24 yellow pencils (TICONDEROGA highly recommended)
Scissors (Friskars)
2  White Polymer Erasers (at Wal-Mart)
1 box large Crayola markers  
1 box Crayola colored pencils
2 boxes Crayola crayons
2 two pocket folders with prongs
3 wide ruled, one subject spiral notebooks
                   Red - Blue - Green
pencil box
backpack or book-bag
headphones for iPad & chrome book
Clorox wipes 
Hand sanitizer (Greatly appreciated)

2nd Grade
These are materials that will be used throughout the year and will need to be replenished as needed. It is a good idea to go ahead and purchase several of these items to keep at home for homework and to use later on in the year, while stores have them on sale
 • wide-ruled notebook paper 2-3 pks. 
• pencils 2-3 pks. 
• regular size block erasers 
• crayons 
• glue sticks 2-3 pks. 
• scissors
 • backpack (non-rolling)
 At “MEET THE TEACHER” your child’s teacher will let you know if she would like anything else, like spiral notebooks, journals, folders, or a pencil box. Wish List Kleenex hand sanitizer anti-bacterial wipes

3rd Grade  
 Book bag (no rolling backpacks please!)
 3 composition notebooks
 1 pocket folder - yellow #2 pencils (these will be taken up and shared) 
 block erasers
 1 pack of notebook paper
 dry erase markers
 Crayola crayons
 colored pencils 
 glue sticks

4th Grade
Backpack (Large Size)
Colored Pencils (Crayola Brand Preferred)
Quantity: 1 pack of 12 pencils
1 1/2” Binder with Clear Cover and Inside Pockets Quantity: 1
Dry Erase Markers (Black, Fine Point, Expo Brand Preferred) Quantity: 4 markers
Dividers (Preferably with Pockets) Quantity: 6 dividers
Scissors (Age-Appropriate) Quantity: 1 pair
Plastic Folders with Prongs and Pockets Quantity: 1 red and 1 green
Glue Sticks (Elmer’s Brand Preferred) Quantity: 12 sticks
Composition Notebook (No Spiral) Quantity: 1
Ear Buds (Must Fit in Pencil Pouch/Box) Quantity: 1
Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (Wide-Ruled ) Quantity: 3 packs
Post-It Note Pads (3”x3” Size, Not Accordion, Post-It Brand Preferred) Quantity: 3 pads
Pencil Pouch or Pencil Box Quantity: 1
Cap Erasers Quantity: 12 erasers
Wooden Pencils (Ticonderoga Brand Preferred) Quantity: 3 packs of 12 pencils
Teacher Wish List: 
Clorox/Lysol wipes
dry erase markers
 hand sanitizer
cap erasers
5th Grade  
All Subject Areas:
*Book bag (non-rolling)
*Notebook paper (replenish throughout the year)
*Zipper Pencil Pouch
*Pencils (replenish throughout the year)
*Colored Pencils
*Dry Erase Markers
*3 pairs of earbuds (The ones from Dollar Tree are fine. These will be left in each classroom.)
*2 composition notebooks (not spiral)
*2 plastic folders with holes
*1 3-ring binder (2 inch)
Please have these supplies on the first day of school so that we can get organized!
Teacher Wish List Items:
Dry Erase Markers
Cap Erasers
Large Glue Sticks
Hand Sanitizer
Lysol/Clorox Wipes
Lysol Disinfectant

Mrs. Riddle’s Class
Every student needs to bring:
A seasonal change of clothes in a zip lock bag
Regular size backpack 
Glue sticks 
Wish List
Disinfecting wipes
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer 
Ziplock bags 
Paper plates (cheap paper ones for crafts)
Dry erase markers (Ultra-thin tip)
Construction paper 
Velcro trips or dots 
White card stock 
Please be sure to have the following as well, if applicable.
Diapers or pull ups (Please send the pull-ups that Velcro on the side so we do not have to completely undress your child when changing them.)

Hennessee Class

Baby Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Elmer’s School Glue Sticks (purple)

16 count Crayola Crayons

Clorox or Lysol Wipes


Full Size Back Pack (big enough to hold a folder)

Extra clothes to leave at school

Diapers/Pull-ups to leave at school (if needed)
*students need to wear tennis shoes every day

 Wish List
Lysol spray
Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream
Paper Towels