Visiting Our Schools

No Visitors allowed inside the school building per SDPC Guidelines for 2020-2021 until further notice.

When visits resume, to keep students and staff safe, SDPC requires visitors, volunteers, and vendors to enter through each school's office and sign in to Raptor. You will also be asked to show your picture ID to the receptionist, wear your Raptor badge while you are in our schools and sign out of Raptor before you leave. Thank you for your help in following our procedures for safety in all our schools! 


PES Visitor Guidelines 

Parents and visitors are welcome at school any time. All visitors, including school volunteers, must stop by the office and sign in upon entering the school building. This is for the protection of our students. It also aids in minimizing classroom disruptions. Parents needing to talk with a teacher are asked to arrange a conference. Teachers have duties before and after school, which requires conferences being arranged in advance.